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of the second crash that happened 17 miles northeast of the afternoon crash, the amtrak train crash. that train left this oakland amtrak station at 7:30 this morning. now it was just about an hour away from its bakersfield destination when that crash happened. a semi tractor-trailer rig plowing into the side of the tra train leaving that train in a piece of metal. it is equipped with warning lines and gates and the mechanical arms at that crossing were down and in good working order at the time of the crash. dozens of people were hurt but no serious injuries among the 169 passengers and four crew members on board. we spoke with a man who said he almost took that train and we talked with passengers who were on board describing it as quite the squacare. >> i thought a bomb went off. today's day in age, you just wonder. i got this force on the side of my head and my arm. and it knocked me sideways to my left and covered in dirt and insulation and you couldn't see anything. >> i feel blessed. i feel like god had a hand in it absolutely. it wouldn't do me good to be stranded any way. this is a bette
disappeared yesterday. two other men made it to shore safely. >>> an amtrak train out of oakland derailed this afternoon after it was hit by a big rig in the central valley. 42 people were taken to hospitals complaining of injury. amtrak says the train was carrying 169 passengers and four crew members from oakland to bakers field when the truck pushed through the crossing bars and hit the train. passengers on the train were terrified and we spoke to one woman on board who described a chaotic scene. >> you couldn't see anything it was just all dusty and you know you're breathing in all that dirt. and you know people start coughing and i mean screaming, crying. and it was horrible. >> reporter: all of the injuries from today's crash were said to be minor. four years ago at this same location 33 people were injured when an amtrak train was struck by a truck carrying lemons. we will go live for an update on theinvestigation that is still under way at this hour. >>> about three hours after today's crash there was a second incident involving a train not far away. investigators say a hay truck
sunshine around the bay mid 80s to mid 90s inland 93 to 101. >>> developing news this just in from amtrak crews hoped to have the tracks open now following that crash and derailment in the central valley. kira klapper is in oakland. are they going to meet that reopening timeline? >> reporter: they sure are. now amtrak's spokes people are saying the opening will be later this morning. very vague from that 5 a.m. deadline they had originally hoped for. we have video from yesterday's crash when a big rig driver failed to yield and hit an amtrak train traveling south of fresno. the impact pushed two passenger cars and locomotive off the tracks, 20 of the 170 passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries. the driver of the big rig was pinned inside the car, removed and somehow wasn't seriously injured. investigators say the crash happened at a crossing equipped with gates to stop traffic. >> initial reports to us from witnesses state the -- [ inaudible ] we will do an extensive investigation and determine that one way or the other. >> reporter: while the investigation continues so do final re
amtrak employees. among other findings the report says mechanics and signal operators tested positive at four time the rate of employees at other railroads last year. amtrak management said it will step up random drug testing. a washed out in drought-ridden west texas. rain continued to fall today over part of the lone star state. up to five inche inches have fan the last 24 hours, swamping street, strandingars and drivers. water was four feet deep in this swrairses. it's being called carmageddon, the sequel, in los angeles. a 10-mile stretch of the nation's busiest freeway is closed to traffic. workers are demolishing then rebuilding ia bridge over the busy 405 freeway. the roadway is scheduled to reopen before rush hour on monday. last year, in phase one of the project, officials warned of monumental traffic jams. drivers steered clear as they did today. coming up on tonight's cbs evening news, guatanamo's last western detainee is moved to canada. in syria today with a new casualty in the conflict. rebels launched another offensive to retake the largest city, aleppo, from government
after a large truck slammed into an amtrak train. impact pushed one trains four cars off the tracks and this is in a railroad crossing. the train carrying 169 passengers and amtrak plans to use buses to shuttle those passenger autos and a search is on for two fisherman whose boat cap sized. >> happening now there are family members walking rugged beaches looking for signs of their loved ones. they searched the rocky coast where a fishing boat was hit by a wave and crashed on to the rock yesterday morning. there is another man still missing. and two men were wearing life jackets and told authorities they were not. coast guard has been searching ever since, calling it still a search not a recovery mission. family and friends have been mounting efforts hoping for any sign of the two men. >> maybe they were tired and couldn't preach the -- reach the shore, we were doing everything we can. and there is you know, big groups of people there are searches continuing this evening. >> there are authorities that believe a shooting was not random. and there is two of them have been release frtd
. an amtrak train colliding with a big rig at a railroad crossing. here's the scene. rescuers carrying passengers away. amtrak says the truck drove into the side of the train, which was traveling from oakland. it is the third time since 2008 that a train has hit a vehicle at that crossing in hanford, california. >>> and also today, an oscar shocker. the host of the 2013 academy awards will be seth macfarlane. and even he wouldn't be surprised if you don't know his name. in fact, last year, he was asked by mtv if he'd ever be running to host the oscars, he said -- >> no, not i. i would -- nobody knows who i am. >> that's not true. >> i don't think -- i think you have to, you know, at least be on a cable show first. >> not so fast. the surprise is on him. he is the creator and the voices on the animated hits "family guy," "american dad" and this summer's sleeper hit, "ted," a movie. and he showed up as the host on the season premiere of "saturday night live," showing his song and dance chops. ♪ oh my head is filled with voices ♪ ♪ and they never go away >> macfarlane says he's a bi
say it could lead to inflation in the future. an amtrak train has derailed in central california after officials say a big rig truck slammed right into it just south of fresno. as many as 40 people reported hurt in the crash. when several cars jumped the tracks. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub now. trace, exactly how did this happen. >> well, the train was heading south from oakland to bakersfield. it crashed in a town called hanford which is 30 miles outside fresno it appears that a truck carrying a cotton by product actually blue through the signal and crashed into the train. it looks like three of the five railcars are off the track. you can see two of them there at a 45-degree angle. the people inside were tossed about. 169 on board. 40 injured. at last check 17 were taken to local hospitals. none of the injuries this time appears to be live -- life threatening. the driver of the truck that collided with the train is said to be in pretty serious condition. diesel is leaking from the train. authorities belief they can get it cleaned up relevant relatively quickly. non-inj
. >>> also this half hour, an amtrak train with 169 passengers collides with a big rig and then derails and passengers and eyewitnesses are describing the chaos that followed. >>> and then a peanut butter recall spreads, even more so. more than a hundred items, some that might be in your home right now are being linked to a salmonella outbreak. >> products that use the peanut butter. bigger than you think. stay tuned for that. >>> and later in the half hour, are scientologists bending the rules for tom cruise? the insider who says cruise is getting special treatment when it comes to seeing suri. that's coming up in "the skinny." the drama continues for tom. >>> but first, five weeks until the election and one day before the crucial presidential debate. >> both candidates are working on their last-minute preparations for their first face-off tomorrow night. abc's karen travers is joining us this morning with a preview of the debate. good morning, karen. >> good morning, rob. good morning, paula. it's been very quiet on the campaign trail as president obama and mitt romney hunkers down an
dead. police are still investigating whether the shootings may be connected. >>> amtrak service not up and running this morning crews worked through the night in the central valley to remove two derailed cars and locomotive from the damaged tracks. 170 passengers were onboard, traveling from oakland to bakersfield yesterday when it was mit by a big rig south of fresno -- 20 suffered minor to moderate injuries. investigators state truck carrying cotton trash failed to yield and hit the train at a crossing equipped gates to stop traffic. we'll have a live report from kira klapper. >>> this morning, investigators in santa rosa are lookinging for a serial arsonist three buildings were targeted, two churches downtown and engineering office. lilian kim has the story. >> reporter: this is the worst of the damage doors at the catholic church downtown santa rosa charred. it could have been worse had a priest not heard the sound of the molotov cocktail shattering. the staff says he doused the fire with water as soon as he could. >> nobody has been hurt. it is the doors of the church damaged. tha
involved a big rig. this time, though, it hit an amtrak train. >>> about 40 passengers on that train were injured. none seriously, though. the amtrak train headed from oakland down to bakersfield. police say the driver didn't yield at the crossing gate, slammed right into the train pushing at least one car off the tracks. >> reporter: how did you not see the train was crossing, the arms were down? >> i don't know if there was any indication of use of alcohol or drugs. >> the tracks could be cleared about 7 a.m. until then a bus bridge is taking passengers around that accident area. >>> a local city leader says won't be intimidated. vallejo mayor osby davis' private law firm was purposesly torched over the weekend, gutting the building. this isn't the first time he has been targeted. davis has had numerous windows broken out by rocks and while he believes someone is trying to intimidate him, he says it's not working. >> i believe that the last criminal act is part of an escalating entertainment to intimidate me. it has failed. >> the mayor and his family are not getting extra police protec
near hanford with reports of major injuries and another track with an amtrak train in the same area as a truck failed to yield at a gated crossing and pushed at least one car off the cracks. most people suffered minor to moderate injuries. those who weren't hurt were put on another train. >>> a murder trial underway for a woman accused of killing her long time friend out of jealous. alyssa harrington was in the courtroom for the opening arguments. >> reporter: this morning, we only heard from the prosecution. the deputy district attorney telling the jury that giselle esteban is guilty of first- degree murder and she stalked sticks-year-old michelle le and planned her death. supporters were at opening statements wearing pins with le's picture on them. the district attorney said she was obsessed that the former lover and father of her daughter was dating le or spending too much time with her when they were just friends. we learned that esteban stole an id bag to gain access to the kaiser hospital where le worked and saw dozens of phone records detailing calls to the hospital and the u
. between 30 and 50 passengers on that train were hurt, though none seriously. the amtrak train was headed from oakland to bakersfield. police say that the driver did not yield at the crossing gate and slammed right into the train, pushing at least one of the cars off the tracks. >> how did you not see that the train was crossing? >> i don't know if there was any indications of any use of alcohol or drugs. >> the big rig driver suffered moderate to major injuries. investigators say it is still unclear why he failed to stop. >>> well, it's crunch time for the presidential candidates. they are busy prepping for their first debate. a new washington post poll finds president obama has a two- point nationwide lead over romney. but in two of the swing states, his lead is much wider. nine points in florida and ten points in ohio. with less than 48 hours until the debate, grace lee explains how both sides are racing to lower the expectations. >> reporter: both the obama and romney campaigns are doing their best to lower expectations ahead of wednesday's debate. >> we expected all along that govern
amtrak passengers suffered injuries when a big rig collided with a locomotive in california. the crash caused three cars to derail and pin the truck driver inside his vehicle. according to officials, the semi drove past the rail crossing right into the train. investigators could not determine why the driver did not stop. >>> four men in mississippi battled a monster and lived to tell the tale. the hunters captured a 40 foot long alligator. bill says it's huge. that's an understatement. it weighs 697 pounds. well, once they hooked the animal, it took them two hours just to get close enough for the fatal shot. the catch is the largest in state history. >>> and finally, fried feuds usually get all the press at the texas state fair, but not on monday. we have a new star, everyone. you can see why. chefs used 635 bags of fritos corn chips, 635 cans of hormel chili and then 580 bags of shredded cheese to make the world's largest frito chili pie. thank you for doing that. it weighed over 1,300 pounds. now for a look at your national weather, we turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins who has yo
police arrived. >>> approximately 30 amtrak passengers suffered injuries when a big rig collided with a locomotive in california. the crash caused three cars to derail and pinned the truck driver inside his vehicle. according to officials, the semi drove past the rail crossing into the train. investigators have not determined why the driver did not stop. >>> well, four men in mississippi battled the monster and lived to tell a tale. it's almost unbelievable when you look at it. the hunters captured a 40 foot long alligator that weighs 697 pounds. once they hooked the animal, it took them two hours to get it close enough for the fatal gunshot. the catch is the largest in state history. >>> and finally, fried foods usually get all the press at texas state fairs, but not on monday. you can see why. chefs used 635 bags of frito corn chips, 635 cans of hormel chilli and then lots top it off with cheese, to make the world's largest frito chili pie. tasty. now for a look ot your weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> i would need a gallon of ice cream to balance the salt and
over the other side. >> reporter: the crash will be closed during the investigation. amtrak is still running and they will carry passengers during the commute. >>> well, the famous hollywood sign in los angeles is getting a face-lift. the first time in almost 35 years. our reporter lauren savan is live near the landmark right now. that famous sign, what are they -- what are they doing to it? >> well, you know, it's one of the most iconic signs in the world. and they say it's been 35 years since it has had it's last refurbishing. well, they starting today, they are going to do an ex-- they are going to do an extensive cleaning. they are going to strip it, power wash it, prime it and repaint it. unlike most hollywood stars that get face-lifts. they are gonna do the front and the back. this will take eight to ten weeks. it will go through about 275 gallons of paint. 110 gallons of primer. when it is done, it will become fresh and new for generations to come. this sign has come around since 1923. that's when it was put up by -- but back in 1949, they took off the land part, it became the
an amtrak train was pushed off rails. at least 40 people were hurt when a big rig crashed into the train, caution the derailment yesterday in hanford. this moving, investigators said 32-year-old medina drove through the lowered crossing gate as signal flights flashed and warning bells rang. nearly 170 people were on board that train including a new-born baby. >>> we'll tell you about a major development today in the battle -- battle over identification refirements for voters. it comes only weeks before -- requirements for voters. it comes only weeks before the election. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! i'll show you how! ♪ just shake them into the washer i can't believe this lasts 12 weeks! neither can they. so you're going on tour to prove it. downy unstopables. follow jimmy's unstopables tour for free samples on follow jhave you heardbles tour for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have
the nation's third largest carrier needs new planes. >>> amtrak crews in california trying to repair tracks and clean up debris this morning after a tractor-trailer slammed into a train near fresno. take a look here. police say the truck driver failed to stop at a railroads k crossing yesterday and pushed two passenger cars and the locomotive off the tracks. >>> a high school student is in stable condition after being stabbed at school. this is according the "baltimore sun." the stabbing happened inside heritage high school. this comes as another student is facing charges for shooting another student on the first day of school at perry hall high school. 15-year-old robert gladden is being charged as an adult with attempted murder and assault. >>> a man accused of killing a school superintendent is fighting extradition to new york. police say anthony taglianetti refused to waive his right to an extradition hearing, which means it could be a month before he is turned over. he is accused of killing clymer superintendent keith ray jr. >>> remembering a prominent local professor killed in a frea
been found to contain arsenic, and even rat poison. >>> a new report finds amtrak employees are failing drug and alcohol tests at a much higher rate than the rest of the rail industry. the audit from amtrak's office of inspector general found amtrak employees are failing the test at a 51% higher rate than the industry average. the majority of employees who fail drug tests tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. >>> governor brown is green lighting forms to red light cameras. he signed a new law that sets uniform standards for red light cameras. they must be installed at locations to ensure safety, not for cities to raise revenues. warning signs must be posted within 200 feet of a camera and it will be easier for drivers to challenge tickets. palo alto state senator joe siminian authored the legislation. >>> for the second year the governor is vitoing a bill that would raise the fine for illegal use of cell phones. it would increase the base fine from $20 to $30. governor brown says he believes the current fines and penalties which can get as high as 33 sixes are already a powerful de
. with this amtrak leaving oakland and get hit with a big rig. in the central valley with dozens of injuries. the train left oakland. and how it was near interstate-5 near fresno this crash happened here. with a real video. and >>this just in to the kron 4 news room three of those five cured with arreal video. three people were taken to area hospitals at 12:30. most of those injured people or not that serious with bombs, bruises. the heat for between 100-150 people when this happened. we will continue to follow the latest developments. a panel of 46 of this fire that engulfed the swat offices of the mayor of vallejo. was intentionally set. officials say that they found thick black smoke plumes. they are investigating this as an act of domestic terrorism. maureen kelly believes that this could be politically motivated. then i am not now or will i believe to be impacted by cowardly terrorism. on the contrary, i going to continue to do the right thing for the city of vallejo. >> in front of his private office. police tape and portions of the windows are barricaded with the portions of the inter
are serving times in cases she had worked on. some of amtrak's conductors have been failing drug and alcohol tests more frequently over the last six years. internal audit indicates most of the positive results were from cocaine and marijuana. amtrak employees failure rate was 51% higher than the industry average. >> so even with all the bickering and a third party stepping in it turns out the issue of who would pay metro open may not be an issue after all. our news partner did some number crunching the number of riders from last weekend ds nats games offset the 30,000 per hour it takes to run metro. and no doubt more people would want to pay watch a playoff game. here's heads up for metro commuters. the red line trains will be single tracking. on the orange line buses will replace trains. buses also replace green line trains. trains will single track on the yellow line. expect delays on the blue line. straight ahead a warning for anyone who buys medication on line. why the f.d.a. says you might not be getting what you're paying for. plus
a long list of cuts, no more money for amtrak, pbs or national endowment for arts. and the federal work force will not be spared either. >> we'll slowly through attrition reduce government employment by 10%. that saves about $40 billion a year. we have $500 billion in savings per year. that combined with the growing economy at 4% gets us to a balanced budget. >> this retired colonel and romney supporter said he's sold. >> i think the think that resonated the most with me was the fact that he got very specific about how important the economy is to our national security, and then how that translates into support for veterans and how we can take care of our veterans. >> reporter: outside the hall jonathan hopkins was waiting to respond to romney's criticism. the president obama has not provided the necessary leadership. >> i was a captain in the army. i served in iraq and afghanistan. i went to west point. those of us, we understand what leadership is. and i felt led. i felt led by our commander in chief. >> reporter: as president obama campaigned in virginia's other military strong hold o
an amtrak train collided with a truck just about ten miles away. we reported on that last night during the fox report. amtrak spokeswoman says 39 people were injured there and among them, a newborn baby thrown from his mother's arms. >> the seat in front of us was literally ripped out and fell on top of him. so i had to lift the seat up and dig under the debris and i found him in his car seat. >> bill: investigators say the crossing gate was down and warning signals were functioning when the collision took place. >>> some encouraging news from u.s. auto makers. chrysler today reporting it had the best september sales month since before the recession. the nation's smallest auto maker reports that sales jumped about 12% last month and that it sold more than 142,000 vehicles, the most in any september since 2007. the other two members of the big three did not fair quite as well. general motors september sales up .5%. ford reports sales flat. several foreign auto makers absolutely crushed last month. volkswagen claims sales were up. toyota up 42%. amid new evidence western punishments are
to answer about the derailment of an amtrak passenger train in california's central valley. at least 20 people were injured when several cars came off the rails after colliding with a big rig truck. a second train versus truck crash happened about ten miles away, leaving the truck driver with major injuries. >>> and an update on a story that caused so much outrage. new york mayor, michael bloomberg, says a retired locksmith will stop selling master keys to some of the most sensitive locks in the city, including the world trade center site. the keys are meant for firefighters and city officials to access electrical panels, elevators and subway stations. a "new york post" reporter bought a set on ebay for $150. scary that can get in the hands of the wrong person for $150. >> that is alarming. >>> it is time, now, for the weather from across this great nation. severe storms, with gusty winds and hail, from cincinnati to pittsburgh and lexington. showers with peeks of sunshine from new york to d.c. thunderstorms in the carolinas, georgia and florida. and more record heat in the southwest. >
safely returned to port. >>> in california, at least 20 passengers were injured when an amtrak train collided with a truck. it happened monday in california's central valley. the train derailed and was carrying about 169 passengers. the truck was destroyed. officials say the driver suffered only minor injuries before emergency services arrived, passengers helped get the injured off the train. >> we were there pulling people right off the train. the train was almost on its side. everything was very slippery. almost like standing on ice. it was very hard to maneuver. >> about ten miles away, a second accident about four hours later. a freight train hit a tractor-trailer. police say that driver was seriously injure >>> up next, we'll have your tuesday morning weather. in sports, who says there's no crying in baseball? there is if you made the playoffs. we'll tell you who's popping the corks this morning. made the playoffs. we'll tell you who's popping the corks this morning. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private
. >> investigators searching for answers after a truck and an amtrak train collided in california, injuring 20 people. the truck driver failed to center. dileo cars and locomotives off the center how fast they were going. 170 people were on the train headed from oakland to bakersfield. the federal government examining incidents in which passenger seats came loose mid flight on american airlines planes. saturday, a flight from miami made an landing after receipts came loose. monday a flight from new york to miami had to return to kennedy t as well,. the faa said both planes recently and underwent work.nance >> it's 5:49. at&t looking to step up the competition with prepaid phone carriers. >> samsung is officially targeting apple's iphone 5. let's go to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. , samsung ise 5 accusing apple's iphone 5 of infringing on its patents. samsung began its investigation the iphone 5 as soon as it was available for purchase. the world's two biggest makers of high-end phones have been other on four iphone andover the other devices. postal workers are being d $15,000 for
. >> reporter: no more money for amtrak, pbs or the national endoubt for the arts, and the federal work force will not be spared either. >> we'll slowly through attrition reduce government employment by 10%. that saves about $47 billion a year. we have $500 billion in savings per year. that combined with the growing economy at 4% gets us to a balanced budget. >> reporter: as romney hit president obama hard on looming defense cuts, the president used his newest ad to remind the 47% of americans romney called government dependent in secretly recorded comments. >> my campaign is about 100% of americans, helping people get out of poverty and have the middle class have a more pros pous future. >> reporter: i asked how he hoped to turn things around, he pointed to next week's debates. >> i have a great opportunity with debates to talk about my vision for the country, the president will talk about his. those who believe we want bigger government, more intrusive government, trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see will vote for him. those who believe we should encourage economic growth and
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30 people were injured as an amtrak train derails. >>> crashing into several park car. >> behind the wheel, a 10-year-old. >> disturbing videos of a police officer punching a woman in the face prompted an internal investigation. >> all that -- >>> career low for tony romo, five interceptions. >> you don't answer the question. >> with all due respect, would you let me talk? >> will you answer my question? >> okay. >> please let me respond, okay? >> all that matters. >> couldn't you just go to the future and then come back and kill that arnold? >> on "cbs this morning." >> arnold schwarzenegger said you can't run from your mistakes. you have to confront them. yeah, especially if they look exactly like you and keep yeah, especially if they look exactly like you and keep calling you dad. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." there are just five weeks left in the race for the white house. the two candidates will spend the day preparing for tomorrow night's first dough bait in denver. a new quinnipiac university poll shows the president leading mitt romney by four
people are injured when an amtrak train collides with a big rig in california. >> check out this wild ride. a stolen van crashes into several parked cars. >> behind the wheel, a 10-year-old. >>> disturbing video of a police officer punching a woman in the face prompting an internal investigation. >>> a career night for tony romo. five interceptions. >>> let me talk -- >> would you answer my question? >> i'm not a student in your class room. please let me respond, okay? >>> couldn't you just go to the future and come back and kill that arnold? >>> arnold schwarzenegger you can't run from your mistakes. you have to confront them. yeah, especially if they look exactly like you and keep calling you dad. [ laughter ] captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." there are just five weeks in the race left for the white house. the two candidates will spend the day preparing for tomorrow night's first debate in denver. a new quinnipiac university poll of likely voters shows president obama leading mitt romney by four points, 49-45. >> last night in denver, romney was endorsed by
with amtrak and bus and truck inspectors so they are on the lookout. we will help educators spot the signs as well and better serve those who are vulnerable. we are turning the tables on the traffickers. as they are using the internet to export their victims, we will use technology to stop them. we will do more to help victims recover and rebuild their lives. people will develop a new plan to improve coordination across the federal government. we will increase access to services to help survivors become self-sufficient. we will work to simplify the set procedures so that innocent victims from other countries can stay here as they help us prosecute traffickers. my office of faith-based partnerships will make the fight against trafficking a focus of its work, and i am proud -- they are doing great work. i am proud to announce a new partnership with humanity united, which is a leader in anti-trafficking, a multi- million dollar challenge to local communities to find new ways to care for victims. i want to thank johns hopkins university, which will focus on how to best care for child victims.
an asterisk -- under obama's watch, concealed weapons are now allowed on amtrak trains and in national parks. >> he's continued to pay lip service to those things but he hasn't shown real leadership in pursuing those changes. >> yes, background checks have gotten more thorough under president obama. but the big problem remains gun shows and internet. specifically unlicensed dealers selling firearms to buyers with no background check needed. president obama has supported closing the gun show loophole in the past. but the white house says his focus now is on existing laws. governor romney says no to any further regulation of gun shows. >> there's no particular change in law whothat's going to keep people who are going to do harm to do harm. >> we should do anything and everything to keep criminals from purchasing weapons. >> reporter: so obama says he wants tougher gun laws, little was done during his first term. republican governor romney has said he's done more in the past. . >>> we're looking at some of the key issues that could decide the presidential election, one of the issues, what to d
an amtrak train off the track. this was the scene south of fresno, california, yesterday. the crossing gate and flashing lights were working. the truck slammed into the train's side. around 40 people were hurt. authorities have not yet heard the truck driver's explanation for what happened. he was also hurt in the crash. he is expected to be okay. >> the presidential race is entering the final phase and the stakes can not be higher. ahead of the first debate, new polls on the state of the race and the huge percentage of voters who say they will be watching tomorrow night. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. want to try to ? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understan
austerity measures that are designed at saving spain's economy. >>> amtrak is putting the peddle to the medal testing its acela trains at 165 miles an hour. right now acela maxes out at 135 and there are four different test sites, including one in northeastern maryland. >>> it could be another two weeks before we know exactly why the national zoo's panda cub died. condolences are pouring into the zoo from all over the world which made us wonder why are we so attached to these animals? >> matt jablow has a look at the panda's loyal following. >> reporter: one day after the death of a baby panda that one short week captured the attention and affection of people all across the washington area and beyond. >> there's so much we can learn. >> reporter: veterinarians at the zoo say a preliminary postmortem examination revealed physical problems with the baby panda. >> the liver by palpitation felt a little bit hard in places. >> reporter: but they still don't know the exact cause of death. >> i don't think we can rule out anything at this point. >> reporter: what also isn't exactly unde
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